Ken Burch, Owner and Estimator
Ken's role at Burch Group is that of business administration, contracts, and project estimating. Ken works directly with Owners to insure the best value with regard to structural and mechanical systems, civil and site issues, and build-ability of the Team's design work on every Burch Group project. Ken is a Graduate of Texas A & M College of Architecture, with a degree in Construction Science and a LEED accreditation for Building Design and Construction.

Katie Burch, Architect and President
Katie's role at Burch Group is that of Architect and Design Team Leader. She is involved in the design and construction of every Burch Group project, and works to provide uniquely tailored architectural services quickly and efficiently for Owners in a variety of different industries. Katie earned a Masters Degree in Architecture from Texas A&M, and is LEED Accredited for Building Design and Construction.

Tom Clements, Senior Advisor and Consulting Architect
Tom's role on the Design Team is that of Senior Advisor and Architect. Tom is currently retired from a long and very successful career as an Architect of large-scale religious and facilities K-12. Tom has both owned his own firm and served in a management role at one of the most reputable architecture firms in the Texas industry. He serves as a wealth of knowledge, resources and support for the design, consultant, and management teams. Tom holds an Architecture degree from the University of Texas.

Sam White, Senior Project Architect
Sam White is a Senior Project Architect on Burch Group's team. Sam's background is in K-12 and commercial architecture, and has served as Project Manager and Project Architect on numerous projects for over 30 years. Sam's specialties include coordination with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and civil engineers, as well as overall building system integration and design. Sam is familiar with, and has vast experience in every phase of a project. Sam earned his degree in Architecture from The University of Texas.

Mandi Perez, Architect
Mandi Perez is a talented architect with a background in Interiors. Mandi has worked with the Burch Group Team on every project to date, and adds a great knowledge of materials and details to the design team. Mandi holds a degree in Interior Design from Baylor University and a Masters of Architecture from Texas A&M University, and is LEED Accredited for Building Design and Construction.

Darcee Haveman, Project Designer
Darcee's role on the team is to work with the owner to choose beautiful, unique interior solutions for projects in the form of finishes and space planning. She is currently working toward her license as an Interior Designer. Darcee is an integral part of the design team and an innately talented designer. She holds a degree in Interior Design from Sam Houston State University.