Burch Group Green

Burch Group provides full sustainability consulting, LEED Consulting, and LEED Coordination services for both our own projects and those of other architectural firms through the design, construction, and documentation phases. Partners at Burch Group hold an Accreditation in LEED Building Design and Construction, and have experience on multiple LEED projects. It is a premise of the firm that Burch Group projects will be sustainable, in every way feasible for the Owner. The formula to a green building is a dynamic one: ever-changing and adjusting based on decisions made through design and construction. In other words: it's not an exact science. If your project is on a tight budget, do not assume that a sustainable building is out of reach; often it is not. Most projects are green in some way by nature. Our Team members are skilled in targeting these items and making the most of the natural potential of the project. The Burch Group Team has research and cost data supporting the theory that the lower operating costs of a green building significantly make up for the associated upfront construction costs for a "green" building. The first step in determining whether it makes sense to "go green" is a simple cost estimate and life cycle cost analysis, and the second is to create a Green Building Checklist. The turn-around time for these items is very short, and the payoff is typically very big. Researching whether to "go green" is always a wise and profitable choice. If you are dreaming of something sustainable with lower operating costs, give us a call to discuss your options.

Project Case Study: Hyundai of Brenham (LEED Certified)
Green Building
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